How to master social media succinctness

As we spend bigger portions of our lives in the digital universe, we crave a steady flow of compelling, succinct and clear information.

Whether we like it or not, we are living in an age when attention spans are at all-time lows.

The most successful social media influencers today know how to keep their stories, messages and opinions very clean, crisp and simple.

Here are 10 wordy expressions to be avoided on social media and their clearer, shorter alternatives:

1, Avoid: “at the present time”

Replace it with: “now”

2, Avoid: “as a result of”

Replace it with: “because”

3, Avoid: “inspite of the fact that”

Replace it with: “although”

4, Avoid: “make use of”

Replace it with: “use”

5, Avoid: “it is often the case that”

Replace it with: “often”

6, Avoid: “in the event that”

Replace it with: “if”

7, Avoid: “pertaining to”

Replace it with: “about”

8, Avoid: “come in contact with”

Replace it with: “meet”

9, Avoid: “in close proximity”

Replace it with: “near”

10, Avoid: “reach a conclusion as to”

Replace it with: “decide”


Author: Andrew Pelletier

Andrew Pelletier, APR, ABC. Multi-award winning international communications advisor, professor & blogger.

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