Ten fascinating facts about podcasting

The human voice is said to be one of the world’s most persuasive communication tools.

Perhaps this is why many people believe we are in the midst of a podcast revolution.

Podcasting is essentially audio broadcasting on the internet via audio files.

Podcasts are similar to radio programs but because they are audio files listeners can play them at their convenience.

You can listen to podcasts on your computer, smartphone, tablet or other portable device, and you can subscribe to podcasts much like you subscribe to blogs.

Podcasts can Benefit Both Listeners and Hosts 

Podcasts have become a useful source of specialized information on numerous categories, and podcast hosts can position themselves as subject-matter experts.

The popularity of podcasting has surged in recent years according to most estimates.

Interesting Podcasting Facts

Here are 10 things to know about this growing communication tool and the influence it will likely enjoy in the future:

1, While audio files have been around for decades, the first actual podcast is said to have debuted in 2003.

2, The term “podcasting” was introduced in 2004 by The Guardian newspaper in the U.K.

3, George W. Bush was the first US president to deliver his weekly address as a podcast in 2005.

4, Podcast listenership has grown an estimated 23 percent over the past year.

5, An estimated 57 million Americans listen to podcasts every month.

6, Today there are more than 115,000 English-language podcasts available on the internet with some estimates as high as 180,000 podcasts.

7, The most popular podcast categories are: religion, music, comedy, TV & film, literature, and news & politics.

8, The average podcast is 22 minutes in length and provides a new episode once a week.

9, 64 percent of podcasts are listened to on a smartphone, tablet or other portable device, rather than a computer.

10, Podcasts attract a young audience; the median age of a podcast listener is 30.


Source: CopyBlogger

Author: Andrew Pelletier

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