Why blogging should be on your 2017 to do list

The digital revolution has given us an endless assortment of powerful communication vehicles. Every day it seems a new social media channel, digital platform or popular app is born.

One of these vehicles – the blog – has been around for many years and is therefore not always listed among the collection of hot, digital platforms.

There are millions of active blogs across the internet today covering every conceivable topic.

Many take the shape of professional forums, some are entertainment focused, while others are the digital versions of personal diaries. Some are designed exclusively for the internal consumption of an organization’s employees.

Along the road to this blogosphere explosion, the blog has emerged as one of the most powerful vehicles the world has ever had access to for driving personal, professional and organizational influence. The big leaders of today – and tomorrow – are taking full advantage of this potent tool, recognizing its tremendous potential.

1, Create Conversations

First, a content rich and fluid blog has the power to generate and shape digital – and even viral – conversations by triggering robust dialogue and debate. This is how prolific, high-profile bloggers build significant followings and become big influencers across the digital universe.

We’ve reached the tipping point where an individual or organization cannot be truly influential in the world today without a compelling digital presence. Blogging is one of the greatest connectors to the digital universe.

2, Build Relationships

Second, a blog is a dynamic relationship builder. Provocative blog content that is carefully targeted to a specific audience can attract and cultivate sustainable relationships with like-minded professionals and key influencers throughout the world.

3, Distinguish Brands

Third, a blog is a strong platform for developing and showcasing almost any type of brand, both individual and institutional. Through its words and visual content, it can be a strong distinguisher from competitors whether they are personal, professional or organizational.

4, Thought Leadership

Fourth, one of the greatest values of a blog is its ability to establish and build thought leadership and visible expertise within a specific topic or across a broad zone of subject matter. By staying relentlessly current and active, the blog can position itself as a go-to place for the latest and greatest information in a particular subject area.

5, Communication Excellence

Finally, a commitment to regular, compelling blog postings provides an endless outlet for creativity and the honing of exceptional writing skills. A blog can become one of the best mechanisms for continuous improvement in how to communicate.

So a word of advice to those who want to be the big influencers of tomorrow: start blogging – today.


Author: Andrew Pelletier

Andrew Pelletier, APR, ABC. Multi-award winning international communications advisor, professor & blogger.

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